How to repair the putty knife?

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When the blade is used for a period of time, the two corners of the blade are often turned bald, the blade is tilted and the handle of the handle is in the form of a repair. Here's how it works: 

(1) the two corners are bald. 100 # emery cloth pad on the flat board or thick glass block, si the cloth edge, a lower purchase often-expensive pinch on the surface of the knife, and make the handle with vertical emery cloth, then, the hard grinding blade. The general Angle is baldness, the force grind 10 to 15 to go back and forth namely, if the horn is very baldness, can first grind on the grinding wheel, then grind straight with sandcloth. 

(2) the edge of the blade is tilted. First, the high corner of the grinding wheel is ground to the bottom of the lower corner, and then the edge of the blade is sharpened by the abrasive cloth or the oil stone. 

(3) the handle of the knife is alive. It refers to the loose or turning of the handle and the head. Maintenance, would pull out of the cutting tools, the wooden handle of warehouse in the eyes of a little pumping epoxy resin adhesive or ignore aldehyde, glue, cutting head with wooden handle according to the location, colloid solidification completely before use. If there is no rubber, can be to infuse water a little wooden handle warehouse eyes, first with a small two sub-companies named seaport chopping, cloth and fine linen, etc., suitable positions into the side of the eye or click with the cutting head, and then use hammer with wooden handle and chocking to use of the cutting tools. 

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