Using a glass knife to clean up small ads can speed up 3-5 times

Click: Time:2017-05-18 17:37:33

A small advert posted on public facilities, called psoriasis, is once again being cleaned up, and the second is a messy process. Recently, the chengguan of nanjing chemical park invented a kind of glass blade, which increased the cleaning speed by three to five times and left no scratch. 

"It used to be a mason's shovel-blade, which is a piece of iron, and a blade, to shovel a small AD." Chemical industrial park of administrative law enforcement of urban management law enforcement personnel introduces, encounter some difficult to clean up the advertisement posted, with a spatula knife less say three to five minutes, encountered stubborn more time-consuming, a road sometimes also clean is not a day. " 

With clear glass cutter "small ads", use the blade to stir up in the corner of the poster is easy off, difficult ads posted before, you can remove 1 minutes, and there is no water, will not leave scratches, the cost of the whole equipment is less than 10 yuan. 

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