Knowledge that is not unknown in mud construction

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NiMu article: 

When filling a slot and a drain, check the wall for empty drums. The empty drum should be reprocessed. There was a wall or wall door that had to be repainted. 

2, waterproof processing: 

Keep water for 24 hours to check for leaks before tiling tile. There is no leakage to do the following: 

The ground USES cement mixed waterproof agent to make a waterproof layer, the metope is to use blue waterproof roll besmear. 

"Blue water" : use waterproof coating, blue color with the original building green, cement gezer, construction after the be clear at a glance, not easily get cut corners. 

We will label the tiles after the tiles are attached. This way, you will not need to worry about getting into the pipes and wires and causing unnecessary damage. 

Before the woodworker finishes the woodwork, it will be covered with a protective membrane to prevent the tile from being damaged in later construction. The wall brick corner also can use bubble wrap up, prevent to be damaged in the construction process. 

1, the wardrobe: use the cedar board to make the cabinet, the nine-centimetre integrated plate is the backboard, the environmental protection is practical and beautiful. The carpenter's cabinet will be ready to put a protective membrane on each shelf to prevent the stain. 

Ceiling: first, the lamp line in the top of the ceiling will be covered in the corner of the wall, so that it won't be hit later in the construction. 

After finishing the lamp line and passing the lamp, seal the plasterboard. When sealing the plasterboard, it is necessary to use the plasterboard special screw, and the spacing is 300 * 300MM, the screw is turning into the plasterboard 0.5 ~ 1MM, and it is coated with anti-rust paint. 

The place that the condole top is easiest to crack is corner, because corner is a plasterboard of plasterboard, want to be subjected to the test of heat expansion and shrink often, be the force point. In the winter or summer evenings, when carpentry is unskilled, you can even hear the "cut" and "cut" sound of the ceiling cracking. Therefore, our company values the process of corner. As you all know, triangle has stable function, using the hard thick joinery board, into a triangle shape nail into the ceiling keel do bottom line, then the corner of the plasterboard make into "7" glyph, put stress points in the side, and rather than the Angle of the roof. In the end, the "7" plasterboard is nailed to the triangular joiner board, and the seam of the drywall is left with a half-centimeter expansion seam, leaving room for the heat expansion. 

3, moisture-proof processing: 

Toilet moisture is relatively big, in good waterproof processing, we also will be good moistureproof processing. Especially inside the door of toilet, we will do a layer of waterproof paper, prevent moisture through the wall into the door at the grass-roots level, leading to the panel black outside. 

Paint piece 

First, remove the top surface of the wall of the wall and nail the nails on the drywall. 

2, use special pull base to fill the expansion seam of the plasterboard, use the fiber bandage of import to stick a layer, do the basic engineering of paint. And then, with a high-intensity pull base, it's worth noting that a lot of "guerrillas", in order to save money, often end up with an old meal. Old pink bag of 3 to 5 yuan, after all is the high lime powder, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp the overall become loose sand fall, pull a hair base will be twenty yuan a pack, five years in the past ten years or as hard as stone, but the construction demand is high, "raise the cost of construction to ensure construction quality" the idea has been long and decorate each teacher deeply in the heart. 

3, Yang Angle of the wall, with lightweight metal square tube clip from two directions as blow be bored with child treasure to internal Angle of the wall from two directions with chalk line with putty treasure of leveling method makes wall of Yin and Yang Angle blow be bored with child after treasure all appear smooth straight line with Yang angles. 

4 doors and Windows, furniture and so on after the shake handshandle should be uninstalled. Locks for hinges and other hardware accessories. Glass and paper tape sealing side, such as fire prevention board to prevent paint pollution these items, at the same time should be Windows and doors. Furniture surface dust. Mortar clean. Before you paint the spray paint, put the newspaper around the paint area. 

Every time brush paint, should make good spot health, lest dust and ash many and affect paint effect. 

When the paint is finished, it will cover the various planes with the protection film and then the installation of water and electricity, the protection of finished furniture paint will not be scratched. 

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