Method of removing rust on the surface of stainless steel

Click: Time:2017-05-18 16:01:08

Stainless steel putty knife because of improper use or improper maintenance, makes the surface appear some rust, the rust will affect not only its beautiful, at the same time also can make its usability discount greatly. As a result, the surface of its surface should be treated in a timely manner, and there are several main ways of removing the rust on its surface: 

Pickling: chemical and electrolysis are used in the process of pickling, which is chemically acidic. The method of pickling can achieve the effect of removing oxidized skin, rust or old coating. But here don't recommend use pickling, pickling, although on the surface can be smooth and clean, but its anchor lines are shallow, and the pollution to the environment is more severe, derusting words have a kind of not feeling in this way. 

2, solvent and emulsion: they use to remove grease and dirt plays a very important role, but these solvents and emulsion on the surface of stainless steel rust and scale removal is not complete, if it is to rust and emulsion solvent can play a secondary role. 

3, tools, cleaning method: this method of stainless steel descaling plays a very important role, in this case, the tool is the steel wire brush, wire brush on the surface polishing can be tilted scale and rust removal soon. 

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