Decorate in winter, paint coating wants to prevent heat and expand and shrink

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In the winter, many projects in the open area are to reduce construction and even "hibernate" because of the temperature. But the effect is not very much on average indoor decoration project. Concrete construction to the paint, coating, and several other seasons incomparable advantage, but still need to pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to avoid heat bilges cold shrink, the construction good metope certain damage. 

First, the winter can make the wall surface putty quickly solidify, reduce powder, craze, still can accelerate the drying time of paint coating, the film effect is good. Secondly, it is beneficial to the rapid volatilization of formaldehyde, reducing the amount of residue in the decoration materials. But it is important to note that the winter in construction of paint coatings, room temperature is generally not less than 10 ℃. As long as the temperature, the ventilation and the addition of the auxiliary materials are applied, the construction quality of the paint and the paint will be kept in time. In order to guarantee the drying of the volatile and lacquer surface of the harmful substances, the window should be ventilated very soon after the paint is painted, but also prevent the outdoor dust from being polluted. 

Paint master a decoration company in decorating the scene, said winter outdoor temperature is low, open the window to the volatilization of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful and paint products and dry, but may make the paint pulverization metamorphism, even didn't dry metope paint or coating is easy to freeze, lead to metope color, peeling after spring. So ventilation should be chosen in the warmer midday period, and the ventilation time should not be too long. When the temperature drops to close the window as soon as possible, such as outdoor temperature close to room temperature before you open a window ventilated, can effectively prevent the temperature is too low to cause surface shrinkage caused by the surface crack problems. 

In addition, it is necessary to fill up the cracks in the bottom of the wall before construction. Putty can't be too thick, try not to use cement putty. Winter indoor air is dry, lose water fast, can cause empty drum, craze, metope is uneven. Apply not too thick in the construction, the paint will be dry thoroughly and then apply the next layer. Exterior wall latex paint cracking phenomena often occur in winter construction, so make sure the lowest temperature construction temperature is higher than coating, coating in strict accordance with the instructions in the best temperature. And according to the general construction experience, paint application of not less than 5 ℃ environment temperature; The commonly used mixed color coating construction the least environmental temperature above 0 ℃; Lacquer painting when ambient temperature shall be not less than 8 ℃. If the temperature is low, the emulsion can be added to the membrane. Some owners when decorate open central heating, while keep the indoor temperature, but should pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to avoid heat bilges cold shrink, because under the intense confrontation of cold and hot, also kept a certain impact to paint and coating. 

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