Use common sense for the ununknown putty knife

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The oil ash knife coater is to point to apply certain pressure to the sheet of material that already brought material, the coating is finished on the coating surface, thus obtain the ideal coating surface. It is composed mainly of shu, upper material, coating, back roll, edge scraper, spray device and frame. Early coating is usually by Angle and pressure control of coating weight control, in the actual production for two parameter changes, and difficult to keep the coating weight accurately. 

It can now be in the working condition, the blade rests on the back roll, the pressure zone formed between the knife and the back roll after the paper is coated, and the excess coating is removed. And paper after stretch junior people feeding roller, belt is expected to last in coating department, knife under certain pressure and Angle remove redundant coating, coated paper in drying system. 

The applicability of these two kinds of coating is different, and the application of the coating is usually lower. The high amount of coating shall be coated with a soft knife, and under certain conditions, it will be above 30g/m2; The flexible rod coating is mainly used for coating the base of the white board, the coating is 37g/m2, and the blade is made of flexible spring steel. 

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