The polishing procedure of the putty knife is known

Click: Time:2017-05-18 17:41:36

Usually the putty knife is used for a period of time and needs to be sanded, according to the putty knife manufacturer, it is the following several steps: 

A, first observe the blade: the blade towards eyes, make the cutter surface and the line of sight into material 30 ° Angle. You will see an arc on the edge of the blade, a white edge of the blade, indicating that the knife is blunt. 

Prepare the stone: make sure to prepare a fine sharpening stone. If the blade is thicker, prepare a rough, abrasive stone to sharpen the blade. If there is no fixed grinder, you can find a thick cloth mat under the grindstone. Pour some water on the grindstone. 

Three, sharpening, that the sword and 3 ° ~ 5 ° Angle to the grindstone. When the knife is worn back and forth, the Angle remains the same. In each mill, observe the blade until the edge of the blade is small. If you continue to sharpen the knife, it will make the blade curl and the blade of the blade increases. 

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