The reason for the aging of brick cutter rubber is simplified

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Bricklaying knife manufacturer produces bricklaying knife handle has many kinds, such as rubber, plastic and wood, etc., however, this kind of rubber handle in use after a period of time, easy to appear the phenomenon of aging. So what are the main causes of this phenomenon? 

Oil: if in use process and oil medium to long-term contact, oil can infiltrate into the rubber inside make its produce swelling, cause the strength of the rubber and other mechanical properties reduced. The oil can cause the rubber to expand, because the oil seeps into the rubber and the molecules are spread out, making the network structure change. 

Mechanical stress: the repeated action of mechanical stress can cause the chain of rubber molecules to break up and generate free tsuen, causing the oxidation chain reaction and forming a chemical process. Mechanical fracture chain and mechanical activation oxidation process. Where is the advantage? It depends on the conditions. In addition, it is easy to cause ozone to crack under stress. 

Heat: raising the temperature can cause thermal cracking or heat crosslinking of rubber. But the basic effect of heat is activation. Increasing the rate of oxygen diffusion and the activation of oxidative reactions to accelerate the reaction of the rubber, which is a common ageing phenomenon - the ageing of the thermal oxygen. 

Oxygen: oxygen in rubber in which the rubber molecules are free radical chain reaction, the molecular chain is broken or over-crosslinked, causing the rubber performance to change. Oxidation is one of the important causes of rubber aging. 

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